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  • Schweine

    Pig currently from 16.09.2020

    2020, September 16 - 16:16

    ASP case on German soil: V price remains at 1.27 € / kg; Domestic market trade gets mixed up Germany: The slaughter...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, 09/11/2020

    2020, September 11 - 12:01

    Rapeseed has shown itself to be very volatile in the last few days, not just from day to day, even within a trading day, wide ranges are traded. The EU's exports are currently at a lower level...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, 09/11/2020

    2020, September 11 - 13:08

    The German market for chips raw material is still quiet . Early varieties have been cleared, and any remaining quantities are used for alternative uses. The factories continue to...

  • Getreide

    Grain News, 09/11/2020

    2020, September 11 - 11:56

    In the wheat markets on this side and the other side of the Atlantic, this week and especially today, the eyes are on the September WASDE of the USDA. Tonight at 6:00 p.m. German time, the US...

  • Schweine

    Pig - News from 10.09.2020

    2020, September 10 - 13:15

    An ASF find on German soil Germany: The previous week's slaughter figures have increased slightly to...

  • Milch

    Milk News, 09/10/2020

    2020, September 10 - 15:40

    Compared to the previous week, the German dairies have registered a little more milk again. According to initial calculations, the gap to the previous year is now 0.3%. The prices...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, 04.09.2020

    2020, September 4 - 11:59

    The situation in the processing potato market has hardly changed. The supply is still more than sufficient and free goods rarely find a buyer. The industry concentrates on...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, 04.09.2020

    2020, September 4 - 10:09
    The rapeseed prices on the Paris stock exchange were again not uniform this week. The front dates were slightly weaker, while the back contracts posted gains. On the penultimate trading day,...
  • Getreide

    Grain News, 04.09.2020

    2020, September 4 - 10:22
    In Paris, prices did not benefit from the bullish sentiment for long. After having to give way slightly at the beginning of the week, the prices on yesterday's trading day showed no uniform...
  • Milch

    Milk News, 03.09.2020

    2020, September 3 - 13:05
    In the second half of August, too, the delivery volumes were still falling, but the tendencies were slightly more stable again. Above all, the lower temperatures were able to dampen the decline...