ZMP IT Solutions

You would like to:

  • Display the latest price information on your website?
  • Provide your customers with an informational winning margin?
  • Have your website reworked completely?
  • Your own iPhone/Mobile App?

ZMP is an expert for market data. Every second hundreds of prices stream into our network. This complex and fast moving type of data is prepared such that they can be implemented into your website without much friction.

ZMP is an experte for your new website. We can develop a completely new website for you - competently in a one-stop process. Thereby, we work with easily extendable Content-Management-Systems (CMS) and a direct link to our streamed price data.

You would like to find out more? - Simply contact us.

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Market data for your website!

Sie möchten Ihre Website durch die Integration von Börsenpreisen oder Nachrichten attraktiver machen? - Füllen Sie das Formular aus und wir melden uns bei Ihnen.

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