• Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, 09.09.2022

    2022, September 9 - 13:19

    Due to the mostly difficult harvesting conditions, the supply of fried potatoes is still small. However, the focus is increasingly shifting to the main harvest. Since the ripening is far advanced...

  • Milch

    Milk News, 08.09.2022

    2022, September 8 - 14:10

    Compared to the previous week, slightly less raw milk was delivered last week. According to preliminary calculations, the milk volume fell by 1.3% in the 34th calendar week. The...

  • Schweine

    Pig - News from 07.09.2022

    2022, September 7 - 15:49

    Germany: V price 2.10 €/kg (range 2.05 – 2.10 €/kg) - the weekly slaughter figures are still well...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, 09/02/2022

    2022, September 2 - 15:54

    Rapeseed loses significantly over the course of the week. While the front month of November closed at EUR 629.25 per tonne last Friday, it was EUR 605.00 per tonne on Thursday. Soybeans on the...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, 09/02/2022

    2022, September 2 - 16:27

    The potato harvest in Great Britain is difficult. In particular, the south and west, which are particularly affected by the drought, have problems with deforestation. Increasingly, the trade...

  • Getreide

    Cereal News, 09/02/2022

    2022, September 2 - 11:27

    On a weekly basis, wheat developed slightly weaker. The September front month in Paris closed at 330.25 euros/t last Friday, compared to 328.50 euros/t yesterday evening. The CBoT showed somewhat...

  • Milch

    Milk updates, 01.09.2022

    2022, September 1 - 15:57

    The amount of milk continues to decrease due to the weather and seasonal characteristics. Around 0.9% less raw milk was sold to the dairies in mid-August compared to the previous...

  • Schweine

    Pig - News from 08/31/2022

    2022, August 31 - 15:34

    Germany: V price unchanged at 2.05 €/kg (range 2.05 – 2.10 €/kg) - the weekly slaughter figures...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, 08/27/2022

    2022, August 27 - 09:48

    The food market is somewhat more stable this week. With the end of the holidays, the demand is showing itself to be slightly better again. There is still a lack of heavy rainfall for the main...

  • Getreide

    Grain News, 08/26/2022

    2022, August 26 - 12:33

    The grain markets have again been volatile this week. The bottom line, however, was that contracts rose over the course of the week despite losses on Wednesday and Thursday. The September front...