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  • News updates in realtime
  • Future exchange prices in realtime
  • News summaries for the entire market
  • Professional background knowledge
  • Independent publications
  • New : agrarconnect, physical markets access

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"Uniquely succinct"

Stephan Kill
Stephan Kill CEO of Roland Mills United and Chairman of the association of German Mills
"Increasingly volatile markets are creating mounting pressure on mills and similar agri-businesses. It is therefore crucial to have the very latest market information at your fingertips. ZMP Live offers this information in a uniquely succinct manner - it takes 2 minutes to get up-to-date and gain a competitive advantage."
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"Amidst changing markets, ZMP LIVE’s offering is spot-on"

Bernd Zehner
Bernd Zehner, CEO of Ludwig Zehner Agrarhandel OHG and President of Würzburg's Product Exchange
"Our company needs facts and figures from the financial and agricultural markets that allow us to plan ahead. ZMP LIVE’s news summaries, analyses, and market data allow us to recognize risks and opportunities ahead of the competition. Relying on ZMP LIVE’s insightful but compact information has become vital to our business“
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"Better buying and selling decisions"

Landwirt Arndt Reinecke, Lauenau
Arndt Reinecke, Farmer
"ZMP (and the accompanying smartphone app) provide up-to-date information on what influences the market and therefore what influences prices. Thanks to this information we are able to make better buying and selling decisions and increase our chances of success. For instance, the price data on fertilizers and pesticides opens up markets that would otherwise remain non-transparent. A clear advantage for our company."

Better information. Better deals.

Start your 30-day free trial today (No payment information required)

ZMP Terminal: All the information you need at a glance

ZMP Terminal - All the information you need at a glance

The Terminal view is ideal for display on a second screen - or you can keep it running in the background and access it at your convenience.

The Terminal allows you to view different news sources and future exchanges at a glance without having to click.

Realtime news feed

We have the fastest and most up-to-date service in Germany:

Anything that has to do with grains or oil seeds will show up in our news feed with no more than 10 minutes delay.

ZMP Realtime news feed

ZMP Market Watch

ZMP Analysen: Details für Profis

Exclusive for ZMP Gold members

Access exchange rates Matif (Euronext), EEX, und CBOT

Ultra fast newsticker

Download "ZMP Market Watch" from the App Store or the Playstore
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Cockpits: Succinct information

ZMP Cockpits: Succinct information

Our Cockpits provide you with a summary of the state of the market - every week.

We briefly present the arguments for both rising and falling prices.

News summary

We gather articles from online agricultural publications, as well as from the mass media and blogs. We also sort articles by topic for easy access.

ZMP News summary

Detailed analyses for professionals

ZMP Detailed analyses for professionals

Our analyses allow for a deeper understanding of the current market situation.

Extensive background information.

Why choose ZMP and agrarconnect (ac)?

6 reasons for ZMP / Agrarconnect
  • Terminals: All information at a glance (ZMP)
  • Connects the actual, physical supply and demand (ac)
  • Realtime futures prices (ZMP)
  • Current bid and ask prices from the spot market (ac)
  • Neutral, expert analysis as well as contextual information (ZMP)
  • No transaction fees (ac)

Better information. Better deals.

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