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Comprehensive news from the agricultural world, compactly compiled.

Independent & neutral

ZMP Live is independent and neutral. We report on the basis of our own research, supported by contacts from the industry. Up-to-dateness is our top priority, which we keep up to date with our technical know-how.

Technical standards coupled with the expertise of our editors provide information for the agricultural industry that replaces the usual ex-post reporting.

My dashboard

If you would like to supplement or expand the compilation of data and reports we have prepared for you, you have the option of freely combining all the data in your personal dashboard and thus adapting it to your needs.

This can be mainly future market tables and charts or mainly reports and analyses or a combination of data and reports.

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Information advantage

Stock market data is the first to show market changes and gives you an information advantage for the optimum trading time. With ZMP, you are in the front row in real time.

We compare the stock market movements with the prices on the physical markets and market events. Updated daily.

We provide market assessments for speed readers. You are up to date in 1 minute.

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Compact background knowledge

Our compact market reports provide a round-up. If you need background knowledge, you've come to the right place.

News straight to your inbox

Last but not least, we start the week with our newsletter, which is published once a week on Mondays. It covers market developments and reminds you to read data and information regularly and incorporate it into your business considerations.

The optimum time to trade is often more important than professional processing in the field and in the barn.

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