About Us

ZMP is an internationally well-known brand. With it one connected neutral observation and reporting about the agricultural markets. This concept, originating from a public-service remit, is currently not pursued anymore due to the withdrawal of the public authorities.

The new foundation of ZMP Live Zentrale Markt- und Preisinformationen GmbH in the year 2011 by means of private investors intends to respond to the requirements of modern firms and businesses, providing them with compact and custom-made information that are available at any place at any time.

ZMP Live has reformed itself, entering the agricultural markets with information, corporate training concepts and know-how of the futures exchanges, also, providing our customers with a large business network from agricultural institutions to financial service providers. Therefore, the firm is prepared to confront the volatile agricultural markets. The interdependencies and linkages to non-agricultural commodities, the financial markets and the transport sector are continuously increasing. ZMP Live is looking towards participants of the agricultural markets to provide them with important information regarding the financial markets and on the other hand towards participants of the financial markets to provide them with relevant information from the agricultural markets. The fine grasp of this type of information is supported through workshops, corporate training seminars as well as analyses of the physical markets and trading areas.

An emphasis is placed upon the topic risk management. An important but for many, still a largely intransparent field. Functioning commodity markets are important for producers and consumers alike. The possibility to protect oneself from price fluctuations supports price stability and sets clear signals for expectations of future developments. Pricing will increasingly take place on the world markets and therefore, on the regulated futures markets. In this context ZMP Live can provide for easily understandable and up to date information.