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The ZMP Live

ZMP Live sees itself as a premium supplier of data and information in the agricultural market. Many unique selling points bring direct benefits for market participants. All data and information is user-friendly and quickly accessible. Availability both on the desk and mobile is given 24/7.

Be faster than others, be more certain about the best time to buy or sell, be able to plan your finances with confidence. ZMP Live provides real-time data on the Euronext wheat, maize and rapeseed markets coupled with daily news from around the world and from the regions. Both mobile and stationary forecasts of the spot markets for wheat, maize and rapeseed are produced up to 3 months in advance. All data and information can be individually compiled in the dashboard. Just as you need it.

ZMP Live is taking the path of transformation from traditional market reporting and statistics to modern and fast data exchange.

Our team
ZMP Live is a SaaS company. We are technically adept and able to provide our customers with fast data. Our team consists of IT specialists and a core of internal and external agricultural experts. The mix makes it possible to bring together the worlds of technology, finance and agriculture.


ZMP is a brand that is well known beyond Germany's borders. It was founded back in 1950. It was associated with neutral observation and reporting on the agricultural markets. The concept of working on a public mandate alongside the private initiative was not pursued further due to the withdrawal of the public sector.

The re-establishment of ZMP LIVE Zentrale Markt- und Preisinformationen GmbH in 2011 by private investors under the same brand name will meet the requirements of modern farms and companies to obtain compact and customizable information at any time and any place.

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