EEX processing potatoes (Frankfurt, DE) Prices

Price quotation Price calculation in EUR per 100 kg
Kontraktgröße / Contract Unit
25 metric tons

Historical closing prices

ZMP Market assessment

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  • Good export demand Eastern Europe
  • Consumer demand for frozen products remains very good
  • Problematic planting
  • Scarce availability of planting stock
  • Rising import volumes Egypt and Israel
  • Start of the harvest in Spain
  • Quiet demand from chip factories
Press review

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“Weekly updates from the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) provide useful crop movement and demand information,” says Neil Blue, provincial crops market analyst with the Alberta government. The CGC statistics include volumes of bulk crops moved through facilities licensed by the...


“As many areas in Alberta are dealing with dry conditions, producers will likely have to manage dust from pens and livestock feedlots,” says Trevor Wallace, nutrient management specialist with the Alberta government. “While pen dust during periods of prolonged dry...


regions of Oklahoma and Texas, feral hogs persist as a significant nuisance, wreaking havoc on crops and posing a threat to livestock health. Conventional removal techniques like traps and hunting have proven insufficient against the rapidly proliferating hog populations. However,...


Throughout the winter, we took the opportunity to engage with many growers at various meetings and events around the province. Growers are facing many challenges heading into the 2024 growing season including significant dryness in some areas, high costs of...

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Denominierung / Currency
Euro (€)
Minimale Preisveränderung / Minimum Price Fluctuation
Minimum price change is EUR 0.1 per 100 kg
Fälligkeiten / Maturities
The next three due months from the April, June and November cycle and the following due month April
Handelszeiten / Trading Hours

Trade Registration: 09:50 - 16:00 (CET); last trading day until 16:00 CET
Exchange Trading: 10:00 - 16:00 (CET); last trading day until 16:00 CET

Letzter Handelstag / Last trading day
In the maturity months of April and November, the trading day before the last Friday of the month In the maturity month of June, the trading day before the first Friday of the month
Erfüllung / Settlement
Cash settlement, difference between the final settlement price and the settlement price of the previous trading day
Schlussabrechnungspreis / Final Settlement Price
Level of the relevant index on the trading day after the last trading day 9:30 a.m. CET
Stand / Last updated

As a subsidiary of Eurex in Eschborn, EEX offers financially settled futures contracts on dairy products and processing potatoes for clearing in the agricultural sector. There is no possibility of physical settlement on the EEX.

All products are settled financially at maturity (cash settlement). Reference prices that adequately reflect the value of the traded products are used for this purpose. These price indices also increase market transparency in the futures contracts.

Potatoes are an important foodstuff in Germany. Harvest volumes and yields per hectare fluctuate from year to year. On a multi-year average (2017 to 2021), 10.9 million tons were harvested in Germany, resulting in a yield of 41.6 tons per hectare. The vast majority are table potatoes and a small proportion are industrial potatoes. Conventional production predominates. It is estimated that less than two percent of the total harvest is organically grown.

The main focus of cultivation is in Lower Saxony, which accounts for around 45% of the German potato cultivation area. This is followed by Bavaria (15%) and North Rhine-Westphalia (14%). On average, every German eats around 56 kilograms of potatoes per year. In 2000, this figure was still around 70 kilograms, and in 1950 it was as high as 202 kilograms.

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