ZMP Live as Info-Tec for the agricultural industry

Information overload has long been seen as detrimental. This also applies to the agricultural sector. Today, when agricultural commodity prices fluctuate more than the DAX, losses can be avoided or advantages realized with precise information. Professional work in the field or in the barn is not enough if the right time for purchasing or marketing is missed.

ZMP Live+ sees itself not only as a data supplier, but also as a SaaS company (Software as a Service). The linking of technology with basic market information ensures data presence without delays. "Farmers should read real-time data from European futures exchanges, traders and brokers must read it. Anyone who presses here will miss the right time to trade," said Ralf Goessler, Managing Director of ZMP live+ during a press conference in Berlin.

"We like to think of ourselves as an info-tech company. Not only are we on the move in real time, but we can also track every tick/contract on Matif. Our trends and forecasts accompany developments on the stock exchanges and cash markets. Thanks to our own formula, we break down feed prices from the exchange prices as derived market prices. This is important in today's world, as the futures exchanges are always the first to indicate price developments. The data and information are also available as a mobile app in 12 languages".

ZMP Live+ has achieved a fundamental turnaround. The market and target group orientation, efficiency, speed and mobility have been improved. We are increasingly being approached from Eastern Europe. There is demand not only for commodity data, but also for technical solutions such as widgets or white label apps. Many companies are saving on their own developments and building on prepared concepts. The enormous price fluctuations can jeopardize livelihoods. That's why prose is for the sofa. Facts are much more in demand. Thanks to our technical performance, we remain cost-effective and bring our expertise to Europe.

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