MATIF Mais (Paris, FR)

Price quotation Price offer for 50 tons of forage maize (ex silo in Bayonne, France). Prices in Euro per ton.
Kontraktgröße / Contract Unit
Fifty tons

Historical closing prices


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Mais verlor über alle handelbaren Termine an der Euronext/Matif. Der Frontmonat fiel um 1 Euro auf 190,50 Euro/t. An den Kassamärkten zeigen sich im Wochenvergleich jedoch noch marginal höhere Preise als vor einer Woche. Gleichwohl ist der effektive Handel mit Mais überschaubar, vielfach sind die Preisnotierungen eher…


Yesterday too, wheat trended south for the front month - albeit only slightly. In Paris there was a loss of 0.25 euros/t and a closing price of 200.75 euros/t on the display board. The two following contracts increased slightly. The EU Commission's export reports continue to show technical problems. Not all import and…


Wheat prices are declining in the short trading week. Prices on the cash markets and on the stock exchange also fell yesterday. Wheat on Euronext/Matif closed 3.50 euros lower at a closing price of 201.00 euros/t in the front month of May. Things also went south at the CBoT. The leading May contract closed at 543.50 US…


Corn went south yesterday. The front month of June remained above the 190 euro/t mark, but had to record a daily loss of 1.75 euro/t at the closing bell. Closing price was 191.75 euros/t. However, Friday's profit was not completely given back. On Friday, the front month increased by 4.25 euros per ton. The corn trade…


The growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine ensured that wheat prices were still trading in a clearly positive mood on Friday. On Monday the courses started the new week in a friendly way. At the peak of the day, up to 210.50 euros/t were traded in the front month of May, but at the end of the session there was a…


Corn started the day on a positive note yesterday and closed at the closing bell with a profit of 1.50 euros/t in the front month of June. In the end, the price in the reference contract was 189.25 euros/t on the display board in Paris. This continues the recent recovery in prices, which is also reflected in slightly…

ZMP Market assessment

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Getreide News, 03/22/2024 Market Assessment
  • increasing international demand
  • increasing prices in Russia
  • lower harvest estimate coming harvest
  • Sowing progress in Brazil
  • Export competition from Russia
  • Delivery capability Ukraine
  • wait-and-see purchasing behavior in the compound feed industry
ZMP Market Report Compact

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EU COM estimates the 2024/25 EU grain harvest at 279 million t - consumption unchanged In its most recent March 24 edition, the EU COM estimated the 2024/25 EU grain harvest at just under 279 million t or +3. 4% higher than estimated last year. A slightly increased acreage and slightly higher yield expectations contributed to this. Domestic…


March 2024 MARS: predominantly difficult starting conditions for crops. In its March 24 issue, the EU Commission's Agricultural Meteorological Institute (MARS) has reviewed the previous climate data with a focus on February and March 2024 with a view to the effects on the The development potential of the crops was evaluated. In large parts of…


COCERAL estimates the 2024 EU-27 harvest at 275 million t: +1.7% compared to the previous year. In its March 24 issue, the umbrella organization of European agricultural traders (COCERAL) estimates the EU grain harvest at 275 million t (previous year 270 million .t). This means an increase of +1.7% compared to the previous year. However, EU wheat…

Future grain price levels Market Report Compact

Grain prices back on the path to fundamental-oriented pricing?! In the past 3 years, grain prices worldwide have come under the extraordinary influence of the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, resulting in price explosions of unprecedented proportions. The consequences of this development have diminished over time. After the last price…


IGC corrects world grain harvest 2023/24 - forecast 2024/25 The International Grain Council (IGC) updated the global supply situation on the grain market for 2023/24 in its latest March issue. Production was cut by 6 million t compared to the previous month and consumption was reduced by 11 million t. Based on the documents, the final inventory is…


DRV: first harvest estimate for 2024 - result below previous years The German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) has based on the Stat. Federal Office of December 22, 2023 made a first harvest estimate for winter crops for 2024. The DRV has partly extrapolated the forecasts of yields per hectare using several years of experience. The result of the total…

Press review

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We'll tell you how you can safely distinguish between the development stages of grain. This is important in order to determine the right time to use the growth regulators.

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Denominierung / Currency
Euro (€)
Minimale Preisveränderung / Minimum Price Fluctuation
25 euro cents per ton (€12.50)
Fälligkeiten / Maturities
March, June, August and November such that ten delivery months are available for trading.
Handelszeiten / Trading Hours

10:45 - 18:30 CET

Letzter Handelstag / Last trading day
18:30 on the fifth calendar day of the delivery month (if not a business day, then the following business day.
Erfüllung / Settlement
In an approved silo in Bayonne (silo Maisica), Blaye (silo In Vivo), Bordeaux (silos d'Aquitaine In Vivo, Splb/Sobtran), La Rochelle Pallice (silos Sica Atlantique, Socomac), Nantes (silos In Vivo), and from November 2019 additional delivery points in Du
Schlussabrechnungspreis / Final Settlement Price
EDSP (Exchange Delivery Settlement Price) as a physically delivered contract (please refer to the technical specifications)

Further specifications

Yellow and/or red corn, of sound, fair and merchantable quality of the following standard:
- Moisture basis 15%, maximum 15.5%
- Broken grain basis 4%, maximum 10%
full specs refer to technical specs
- Sprouted grain basis 2.5%, maximum 6%
- Grain admixture basis 4%, maximum 5%
- Other impurities basis 1%, maximum 3%

MATIF (Marché à Terme International de France) is a former derivatives exchange in France. It was merged with the Paris Stock Exchange and Euronext NV to form Euronext Paris, which belongs to the exchange operator Euro Next.

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