MARS: mainly favorable conditions for the field order in the EU

Predominantly good planting and baking conditions for the EU winter crops and rape

In his monthly report to the climatic conditions of the farming in the EU, the Agrarmeteorologische Institute at the Commission (MARS) the weather conditions for the seed times of wheat with barley up to rape has evaluated.

The result is that mostly favorable conditions have prevailed. Sowing and field entrances are above the average of the multi-year average values. But there are also regional difficulties and delays.

In the largest EU-wheat growing area France first a delay the order work caused in the Northeast high amounts of precipitation, which were again caught up with rd 10-tägiger delay.

The focal points of the German wheat growing regions ruled end Sept/beg. Oct predominantly normal to above-average conditions. For German rye cultivation, which is 40% in Germany, the dry conditions with occasional few rains were favorable for the field order.

The rainfall is below the average for the years remained in Poland . Briefly occur rain not interfered with the sowing. There was plenty of time to complete the order of winter wheat in dry weather.

Excellent conditions for winter grain sowing were in England and Ireland .

In the South-East European countries with increased cultivation of barley have dry spells were sowing allows. Subsequent precipitation are needed to enhance the further development of the plants. 

Until sufficient precipitation in Spain enabled in October  and beg. Nov. a promising barley seed. The order work delayed until in the last weeks of November. Further rainfall are necessary.

There were a few difficulties to overcome in order to bring the seeds into the ground on schedule in all other EU countries.

In the case of rape have however in North Germany and England warmth-loving insects the seed stands inflicted great harm.  When the rape will have to expect with noticeable failures.

Despite some delays in sowing the field entrances and seed stand mostly as cheap are described. The relatively warm weather with occasional rainfall has helped in the recent period. It remains to hope that the transition in the cold season not abruptly, so that the plants can develop sufficient hardiness.

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