Market situation for processing potatoes

The potato crop in Western Europe was completed in the last few days. The mostly weak this year qualities and yields could be harvested thus at least completely. From the individual countries, the statistical authorities so after report the estimated results that indicate a similar weak harvest as in the previous year in the total. At the same time, the processing capacities in Western Europe expanded in the last few months so that almost certainly offered only insufficiently covers the demand which is evident even at the current price level. In addition, it is also not sure whether the harvested commodity quality problems can be processed for the intended purpose.

Therefore are the buyers of the dealers and factories increased in neighbouring Britain and Poland on the way, relatively abundant existing excess amounts to buy local. Of course with high transport and logistics costs incurred, but certainly "are at current price levels". Originally, parts intended for the food sector increasingly entering the chips bag.

The consultants of dealers and factories are currently also busy on the road, after the slogan "Knowledge is power" an overview of the quantities stored on farms and to obtain qualities. The buyers of the merchants and factories in their books are note the result, to use it for the purpose of further planning. The fact is: increases the demand for French fries on the world market. The main competitor on the world market, the North Americans, has retracted a good harvest this year, so can stock up the local factories with cheaper raw materials and as a result the fries in the world market offer cheaper.

Looking at the last nine years of the harvest (see below) by means of the April futures for the stored goods of the year following the harvest, you can see that the prices on the futures market moved starting from a level of approx. 15 euro / dt in the majority of years upwards. While the course direction suggested in the June/July has no longer changed. As you can see, that the rates reached their peak in November at the latest. So watch out thus: the crucial weeks in the marketing of free processing potatoes are.

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