Danish pig exports rose again

% falls down rapidly in Germany - Poland and Italy import more

In may 2014, Denmark has exported in one month more than 1 million pigs for the first time in may 2014. For almost two years, exports only to a lesser extent were increased. The cause of once again increasing export deliveries is to look into the rising number of sows. A 2% increase Danish sow inventory was determined at the Jan and April 14 counts. The additional quantities of piglets are not remained in their own surplus country, but been exported due to attractive foreign prices.

Although Germany still largest customer of Danish piglets, the proportion of originally over 80% falls now is almost 54%. But the pig numbers in the direction of Germany have declined in absolute terms. In the first four months of the year 2014, there were 35,000 rd. - animals or - 1.6% less, which landed in German stables are to compensate for Germany has introduced more about 100,000 Dutch piglets at the same time.

The big winner of increasing numbers of piglets from Denmark is Poland. From Jan to Apr 2014 including 1.12 million piglets from Denmark were introduced. The increase to the previous year is estimated to + 33%. in recent years the massive removal of Polish stocks of sows in small attitudes has resulted in less than 10 sows a systematic deficit of piglets. The times identified AFP cases near the Russian border in the spring and summer of this year have raised an additional effect. Polish pig imports from the Netherlands have declined over the same period to 35,000 units

Danish piglets used in growing extent to (Northern) Italy. In the first 4 months 2014 total 130,000 last year rose to 176,000 in the current year. But have been reduced to 25,000 Dutch Ferkelherkünfte. Also applies to Italy, that the Abschlachtungen of the sow stocks - last but not least have produced a string of EU attitude regulation a piglet deficit.

The observation that the piglets surplus area Holland by Jan has imported approximately 100,000 Danish piglets Apr. 2014 is surprising. Representing more than a doubling to the same period last year. Obviously, price and quality differences and special supply relationships play a role here.

However, Czech pig imports from Denmark have fallen 30,000 to 53,000 copies.

Danish pig exports be establish themselves on an increased level in relation to the development of the sow population likely to.  

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