New EU livestock census results: regional differences in development

Publication of European Commission: EU pig from 13 Member States

The herds in 13 major EU Member States have to again after the decline in the year 2013 rd. + 1% recovered. Livestock censuses are the basis for the evaluation in may or June depending on the Member State.

Strikingly high increases were from Spain and + 3.3% and Poland + 2.8% reported. The current problems of the Spaniards with their pork prices be understood against this background.

The increases in Poland are likely to be increasingly been fed the pigs imported from Denmark. Include the Polish sows stocks - down 1.1%. African swine fever at the borders with Russia and the Baltic States are likely to be little incentive to invest in their own country.

In the Middle field of the increase in Germany or Denmark move with 1.5% to 1.8% . Denmark foot has taken after the previous years of inventory reduction again. Germany is again overcome the shock triggered by the EU regulation on the attitude of the sows. However, the pig imports from the Netherlands and Denmark play still have a significant role with just under 11 million units. From Denmark will soon be shrinking in favour of Poland, while the Dutch feeds more easily. The growth rates of previous years be achieved however by far No more.

Belgium (- 2.1%), France (- 1.7%) and Italy (- 0.5%) have reduced their herds. Background is the limited competitiveness in the European and international market. Especially the powerful German and Danish battle company of its size and location advantages displace the marginal areas.

The EU sow housing has in 13 Member States only by 0.8% . In Spain coincides with a far above-average growth of + 5.2% especially in the eye. Their difficulties in the pig industry are spreading because of an international trade for health reasons not taken into consideration.

Denmark, Netherlands and Germany have their piglets production each rd. + 1.1 to + 1.2% extended.

Sows off interruptions be 4.4%, Sweden - 3.3% and - 3.7% Romania from Austria - 4.2%, Belgium - reported high. France is located in the middle pane, that his attitude of sows to 1.7 has reduced %.

Reducing the sow housing in Poland and Italy suggest that there future low rise views be given to pig farms. The reason in the small stock structures and in Italy the increasing orientation on a pork importer with a self-sufficiency rate below 70% is in Poland.

The sows increases suggest in the EU-13 for the coming year one again increasing pig production , unless that bigger changes occur in the areas not covered by the livestock census.

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