Is PEDv epidemic in the United States - a new wave?

Again, the United States faces an escalation of PEDv disease?

The fatal diarrhea disease in piglets (PEDv) last winter in Feb. 2014 a culmination of more than 350 weekly incidence caused. The estimates run out on additional animal losses amounting to 15%. In the cold season, the spread of the viral disease worsened because the disinfection methods in particular for vehicles by Frost are less effective.

A cold wave through the United Statesdraws again at the beginning of last week. The output situation compared to the previous year is unfavourable. Already reported more cases than last year. A high level of distribution in the output situation raises serious concerns.

The previously used vaccine developed only an efficiency of about 40%.  Putting more hope on an intensification of preventive hygiene measures. However, these efforts are not sufficient protection against infections in the cold season.

In contrast to the previous year, it is hoped the greater experience and the degree of attention of the persons employed in the stables with a more moderate course of disease turn.

The exchanges already have the prices for Lean hogs to €1.60 / kg tightened again. For the first months of 2015 they continue rise. In the previous year, the rates rose to over €2.15 / kg.

The effects of animal losses were partially offset in the course of the years 2014 through higher slaughter weights in the order of 5 to 7 kg in healthy animals. This failure of pork in the United States was reduced to approximately one-third from the animal losses of number of.

The high weight of the battle have been kept through until today. A further boost will be barely economical to hold out. The feed conversion is exponentially worse at higher weights. Even if feed prices have given something, feed costs rise. In addition, it produced significantly more fat that encounters significant slump in sales. The fat pay is significantly lower than the lean meat reward.

The U.S. pork industry is approaching a critical winter again.

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