Pig census in Denmark from 1 April 2014

Denmark: pig 2% total sow numbers increased, again declining

The April 2014 census of Danish pig showed an increase of 2% total compared to the previous year. In absolute terms it is an increase of 150,000 pigs. The weight of under 30 to 50 kg heavy animals, which will reach the slaughter in the coming months had the largest share of the increase.

In the sows, % - 1.0% were counted in nearly all pregnancy stages between 0.5 lower stocks. Only the farrowing sows with a stock share around 20% to 25% showed a plus of 0.5%. However, a note on a rather lower sow inventory in the course of this year diagnosed was the first sow an inventory reduction-1%, because some animals are eliminated usually.

Comparing the pig with the Jan 2014 census, is a usual seasonal decrease of pig numbers-1%. This is to watch but almost every year in similar magnitude. That principle also applies to the development of sows stocks.

The pigs in Denmark shows a relatively stable development with moderate diversions between on - and off stagnation over several years. The increase phase currently to be observed above the 12 million PCs brand is due to the stock structure of transient in nature. A divergent trends emerging already again on sow housing tends to be falling. The question is just how big will fail the productivity and how are extensive to develop the running pig numbers in the course of the next few months.

The Danish sow housing is heading for the 1.8 million sows. A fundamental trend reversal upwards for years no longer should be noted. Even if the productivity gains in quieter trains run, less sows are needed in the future, needs the piglets.

The Danish pig exports ranging in size from 10 to 11 million pieces are a result of grown in the last 10 years structural piglet surplus. the Danish slaughterhouses are keen to retain as much slaughter pigs in the country as it is possible. Attractive prices of pork paid you must generate in the currently cumbersome export business help.

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