The CFTC data for the wheat and maize by September 16, 2014

Too often "omniscient" speculators can apparently surprised by the relatively strong decline on the stock markets. In the last week of the report to the 16.09.2014 the net short positions "only" to 5.380 piece rose at the Chicago wheat on 67.266 NET short positions. Are now already almost as many seller positions such as earlier this year when then entered a backlash due to the Ukraine crisis. The stock market in Paris fell at the end of the reporting week 162 euro per tonne and now at 151 euro / tonne! In Chicago it looks no different from equivalent now 134 EUR / t. The reasons are varied, but first and foremost the rising end stocks, which are expected to further increase based on current data from the September estimate in October. If it in 2008 and 2009 is still far on the price level of harvests in the northern hemisphere (30 Euro / t), the trend seems for the time being not to change. This trend cannot be stopped apparently only through more political upheavals, with but even then it can be assumed that Russian goods continue to reach on the world market. The provided Ukrainian export amounts can ultimately the annual financial statements not only on the "Head turn".

In Chicago maize the vast number of speculators on the buyer's side can imagine apparently no serious price reductions. How different is the increase in the net-long positions to 5.579 on overall 87.045 net-long positions to explain? Nevertheless, the courses contracted further in particular in the last few days. In Chicago, corn prices in the meantime on less than 100 euros / t and the low level of the crops record in 2008 and 2009! Now wait times, what In fact is harvested in the United States, but there are at least currently little arguments for a price increase. The cultivators will be pleased, so cheap as it is now you could already long No more buy their feed.

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