Early frosts in the United States threaten corn and soy

Risk of early frosts in the corn belt in the United States

The growing record crops of corn and soybeans in the United States could suffer significant damage through early frosts. Weather forecasts predict a cold wave, on Thursday, Sept. 11 their output in Canada's Northwest takes. The temperature range values just below zero to-10 degrees on the western edge of this wave. The United States are affected for the time being only edge All the time on that day.

In the further course on Friday Sept. 12, 2014 the cold zone is divided and a part of Southeast US cornbelt pull in the direction of. The temperatures are No more very low and remain only a few degrees below zero.

The southern part of this cold zone ranges in the Northern States of the United States. Western parts of North and South Dakota, as well as small parts of NW - Iowaare affected. In the face of not too strong degrees of cold, the cold damage are likely to remain low because in the closed plant stocks an own microclimate with something higher temperatures there is, that emanates from the heated ground. Lück, and weak stocks, however, the air temperatures can penetrate more and cause more damage.

From Saturday, Sept. 13, rising temperatures above the zero mark again and the prospects that will increase again to + 10 degrees up to 20 Sept.

Low temperatures are advantages and disadvantage . The disadvantage is braked down growth at lower income expectations, the advantage resulting from a lower disease pressure due to fungal attack. Lower rainfall associated with colder temperatures promote healthy the maturity and the progress of the harvest work.

The weather forecasts contain but A few uncertainties, so that the problem is Not yet of the table. Another cold wave to the possible end of the U.S. corn crop in Oct. 14 should not be ruled out. A crop risk always remains.

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