EU 28-harvest 2014: lacks 11 million tonnes of quality wheat compared to previous year

EU-28 - record-breaking wheat harvest - but it lacks the quality of the French forecast Institute strategy of grains the EU wheat crop estimates in its most recent report again later. At the same time it is however warned that the qualities for baking wheat have suffered considerably as a result of continuous rainfall on ripe wheat stocks. The number of cases by far not reach the targeted new values, but are partially at 150.

According to the research of the Institute should be the EU soft wheat crop to 144 million tonnes. Durum wheat is estimated additional 7.2 million tonnes. Together one calculates to EU - record harvest of more than 151 million t.

Strategy grains estimates that only 59% of soft wheat the baking quality of wheat reached. The share was 71% in the previous year. Until now the first classifications were about 67%. It was much too high, says the Institute. Rather, one must assume that approximately 11 million tonnes, or approximately 10% measured lack back wheat qualities last year.

Particularly in France , the quality damage back wheat containing (number of cases at least. 225) was particularly highly by only one-third of the crop. In parts of Germany and Poland also deterioration can be observed, but there is also wide areas with excellent harvesting results in terms of quantity and quality.

In particular, the export would be affected. The importing countries expect superior quality from the European export wheat - originating mainly from France. Feed wheat is less in demand and much less costly to obtain from the Black Sea region. For France it anticipates a decline in exports of 3 million tonnes, which presumably could be compensated for by German deliveries up to 1 million tons.

Rates:  Currently (Anf August 14) Russian wheat with 11.5% is crude protein to €175 per t fob Black Sea port, the 12.5% wheat is located at 182 €/ dt, provided for goods available. Ukrainian feed wheat is quoted at €145,50 per t. In contrast, Rouen offered 10.5% wheat for €177 per t in the French port of the main export. The main import countries lie on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. The transport route from the Black Sea fails to some euro cheaper than the path of the French North Sea coast.

In the international market European wheat by the crowd's only with appropriate quality competitive.

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