India reduces wheat exports 2014/15

India's wheat exports halved expected 2014/15.

With government support, India cereal production has expanded considerably. Play the most important role in the wheat cultivation with a share of 75% of the grain harvest. The crops of around 80 million tonnes to around 95 million tonnes were increased within the last 4 years. The expansion of the cultivation area plays an equally important role as the yield per hectare.

Productivity growth comes primarily from the targeted use of Government-subsidized fertilizers and plant protection products. Yet the storage with substantial losses in the amount of estimated 20-30% is in need of improvement. State stock stocks up to a capacity of 50 million tonnes meant to help, the strongly fluctuating harvests depending on timely and sufficient to compensate for monsoon rains. the management of stocks is entirely inadequate.

Main growing areas are Uttar Pradesh with 35%, Punjab/Haryana Rajasthan/Madhya Pradesh with 17% and 33%. Less than one-third of the country two-thirds of the Indian wheat crop grows. The result is a regional problem of distribution between the parent and grant areas, that not always smoothly. Financially attractive exports to third countries are the result, even though in their own country is still deficiency due to lack of purchasing power.

The surprising harvest increases of in recent years have contributed to an increased export activity in India on the world market. In 2013/14 last year, the export quantities had to be withdrawn but clearly. The growing consumption of a growing population with increasing income was a major reason. one of the other reasons was to high price demands of State-guaranteed minimum prices between 25 to €29 per dt.

One about equally high harvest volume as in the previous estimates for the year 2014/15. The monsoon rains came although somewhat delayed, so cultivation and harvest delays have drawn the income affected. Instead of 6 or 7.5 million tonnes of wheat export in the past two years is satisfied there are 2014/15 with approximately 3.5 million tonnes.

Thus India in the Group of those countries joins, whose wheat exports significantly indulge in 2014/15. Include the United States, with a decline in exports in first position of - 7 million tonnes, Canada by - 3 million t and the EU-28-2 million tonnes. The declines including India on a magnitude of about-10% accumulate at a global wheat export of approximately 150 million tonnes. While the Australian wheat harvest may be impaired by EL Nino still out of approach remains.

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