The net - ex and the grain importers

the wheat, over 90% of the net exports from the traditional main exporting countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, the EU and the Black Sea countries, Argentina and India came in the last few years. In the WJ 2014/15 fewer export opportunities are expected from the United States, from Australia, from Kazakhstan and India, while the EU, Canada and Russia, but also the Ukraine can export more. Due to the current political situation in the Ukraine, whose export expectation must be seen by 9 million tons but with greater caution. This of course also applies to the other countries, because the crop ultimately not yet "in the bag" is. Yet: The pricing on the stock exchanges according to these expectations.

In contrast the numbers of the main importers are relatively stable, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and North Africa while constantly increasing the import demand from China and Brazil. After all, the five countries/regions import almost 50% of global import volume. Ultimately, this means that the trade routes of the wheat are relatively fixed and well calculated and if the northern hemisphere Once harvested the distribution can begin.

in the coarse grain (approx. 80% corn, the rest of barley, rye, etc.) come some major exporters of the southern hemisphere, as you can also see also the Ukraine is one of the big four. In the United States expect WJ 2014/15 above-average export opportunities, but whether the Ukraine can deliver the estimated nearly 20 million t?

What is interesting is that about 75% of the imports concentrate on just a few countries. Their needs as the production, easily rising but not as strong fluctuations. The development of maize production in the United States should be "Tip the scales" for the further development of many grain prices this year.

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