Seed level, weather and stock quotes - and also the political situation

Mixed weather conditions keep harvest estimates and stock market prices on courseIncreasing degrees of harvest and closer advancing harvest dates for corn determine the discussion about direction and level of stock prices. Chicago wheat stock fluctuating levels of between 14 and €15 per dt 3 weeks ago, lately with a slightly increasing tendency. Parisian wheat seems to have found a bottom line at 17 €/ dt. The winter wheat harvest in the United States is completed after the Sunday report of seed stand in more than half of the Federal States to 100%. On average, 90% are harvested. The sliding-ear spring wheat is judged to 70% as "good to excellent". Overall, it remains in its assessment that the U.S. wheat crop of 12 to 15% lags behind its longtime level. Unfavourable rains during the harvest time in Europe have led to variations in the grain harvest, especially in regard to the quality of the wheat. Rough estimates indicate that approximately one-third of quality wheat is left, another third in the transition phase is to get middle levels of quality and left the rest as feed wheat for domestic consumption. Especially in France and Germany where more than half of EU wheat production have led delay in harvest for quality damaging the recurrent rain fronts. A fine quality of wheat is expected in global export competition the EU. This game room is close.Are the corn prices in Chicago since early June, with small interruptions on steady descent. Despite reduced US acreage and favorable growth conditions, the second-largest corn harvest is expected. The latest US seed has decreased only slightly from the 73% rating in "good-to-excellent". The hopes are based on sufficient rainfall in August. However, so far the regional distribution of rain to be desired can be. Exciting, the income estimates between 100 and 110 dt / ha remain corn. The market opinion is certainly higher than the low USDA report. High initial stocks and a high harvest lead to an ample offering of corn in the United States with appropriate export pressure. The U.S. share of exports on the world corn trade is rising again on 40%.Is the maize harvest in the EU 28 lags behind the previous year. It is expected primarily with import demand by 9 million tons after Spain and the North-Western areas of the finishing.    Corn prices in the United States move currently the brand from €10,50 according dt, while the Parisians are ever dt quotes for €15,50. Soybean crops in the United States are considered unchanged with 71% in the category "good-to-excellent". In some northern regions, the water is too scarce, other areas are well catered for. The crucial pod-filling phase is in the next few weeks. Catapult a considerably increased acreage in conjunction with good average Flächenerträgen might be the U.S. soy crop to 105 million tonnes last year 89.5 million tonnes). Despite extremely low opening balances a high pressure could be built up. But caution is still advised. The front forward rates reflected appropriately robust, while the quotes at the turn of the year have a significant level of lower, but amazingly stable. Hover over all the confrontations in the Ukraine and in the Middle East, which are barely assessable Auswirkungen unfavourable signed.

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