Significant progress in the U.S. corn seed

Successful Chase in the U.S. corn seed summer wheat is lagging behind.

Much like last year the U.S. corn farmers with the clout of their machine manages a so far behind corn seed by 30% within a week to catch up. This corresponds to an area of 11 million ha or the magnitude of the entire German cropland.

Current as of Sunday, May 11, 14 have been ordered 59% of the planned maize areas. Thus, it is only 1 point before the long-standing average value. the optimal time window for sowing expires at the end of the present Middle may week. In largely unhindered continuation of the order work, approximately 80% of the maize area in the optimal range could be ordered later this week.

The statistical average sown maize areas not deliver a yield reduction of rd. 1 dt / ha and day at the optimal time.

This year pioneer was the State of Iowa with a 47% increase in a week. Iowa is the most important region for US maize. Two more States such as Illinois and Indiana made an increase of 41% and 37% respectively

The Northern States are retarded from North Dakota through Michigan-21% below average and Minnesota – 31% below average. Rather, progress has been made on sandier soils. Overall, the weather remains relatively cool and quite humid with isolated showers. The soil temperatures by 5 to 6 degrees are still too low for a successful corn planting in some regions. The set values are 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

A rainy weather hindered but the sowing of spring wheat on the other sites. The average backlog is approximately 19% compared with the long-term average. The weekly progress achieved only 8%.Two-thirds of the planned summer wheat areas must be ordered yet.

Unfavourable weather affected the Winterweizensaa continue to t in the South Midwest to Kansas around. The already strong ausgewinterten stocks and the dried-out floors are now affected by sharp winds and scattered hail showers in their growth. They were already weak Bonituren again lowered.

The USDA has predicted one in his recent may estimate 7 million t lower wheat harvest in the United States. Still corrections must follow.

Corn prices to - 1.5% fell on U.S. exchanges and the wheat price gave to e -0.7% in the front dates.

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