United States 2014: estimated 40% surplus in agricultural trade

United States 2014: A record year for grain and soybean exports

A record of 170 Mt revealed quarterly estimates of the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) for agricultural exports on the corn and soybean sectors. The export volumes to rise by more than 30% in 2014 compared to the previous year.

Feed grain has the biggest share of it mostly in the form of maize with approximately 50 million tonnes or about 30%. Compared with the dried corn crop the amount of exports is this year more than doubled. According to the price pressure.

In contrast, the U.S. wheat export compared with the previous year by 25 million tonnes to about 20 million tonnes will reduce. The strong Auswinterungs and dry damage in the winter wheat-growing regions of the Midwest are background. The slightly better launched spring wheat cultivation has not the potential to make the aforementioned damage again betting. For the first time the United States will have to give up their leading role in the global wheat trade in the year 2014 on the EU.

Feed, DDGS (Corn gluten meal) has a significant share. The product is classified as medium protein carrier is the result of the bioethanol from corn. This year, DDGS especially among the Chinese was popular, because it can replace the expensive soybean meal in many areas, but is significantly cheaper. The export quantities of DDGS is estimated at around 20% higher compared to the previous year.

The soybean export will be again higher compared to 2013. Estimates of around + 30%. The high export volumes of aging Tiger goods must be again populate the new crop, but the expectation on the new crop estimated 99 million tonnes, a new record, unless it occurs because. It put considerable risks, as the past few years have shown.

Hide under the position of other cotton, rice, soybean meal, tobacco and the exports of animal products such as meat and dairy products, which by the tonnage value not very voluminous fail, but have a high value.

Overall, the agricultural makes a rising share of exports to the US after weak years before again. The trade surplus in the agricultural sector is estimated at about 40%.

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