US record harvests corn and soy beans with delay start

US corn and soy harvest started with delay.

The newest USDA report on the progress of the corn and soybean harvest first shows that an excellent Constitution is still have to certify the stocks. The category of "good-to-excellent" ratings is about 20 percentage points over the same period last year. This result has stabilised for weeks, so surprising corrections are No more expected.

This high Bestandsbonituren continue to support the assessment of high and highest Flächenerträge. A restriction therefore more comes from the scope of the actual harvest areas.

The threshing of corn has already on 12% of the US land occurred. But with a high range. Still no combines in the fields has been in North Dakota, while in North Carolina and Texas more than two-thirds of the areas are already harvested. Overall the U.S. crop has lagged points behind the previous year almost continuously in all States by around 10% back.

The latest weather forecasts predict A few weather-related disruption of harvesting operations in the next few weeks.

The areas harvested from of to as excellently assessed soybean stocks are on average 10% in the 17% in comparison to the previous year. Also in this case the clamping ranges from 2% in the States of Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin to 72% in Louisiana and 56% in Missouri.  The main crop is so still.

The opinion prevails that the soybean crop without major problems could move forward soon quickly.  The forecasts is tantamount to 106 million tonnes (last year 89.5 million tonnes) it gives the despite scarce overlapping stocks given the upcoming large harvests stock report as of the date of Sept. 1 little attention. The focus of interest in the stock markets is aimed at the increasing numbers of actual harvest results, that an above-average high failed in the early threshing areas. By frost incursions, more hazards gaining importance in view of the delayed harvest.

The stock quotes facing stabilization trends long descent for the first time at a low level measured in previous years. Risk premia are again priced.

A positive trend is observed in the sowing of winter wheat . Rd 43% of the area have been ordered under favorable conditions. The area should be larger than in the previous year. Also the accumulated seeds show a significant advantage over the previous year.

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