Potatoes in crop rotation to the cultivation planning 2016

The annual planning of cultivation occupies an increasingly important role in the business management, but how can I tell if the successful cultures and with which shares to build on it?

An important economic evaluation parameter is in the contribution of different cultures up to the total contribution of the operation, but increasingly also the influence of fixed costs, which also need to be adjusted when significant changes in the orientation of the company. Therefore an ever greater importance up to the profit of the entrepreneur a profitability analysis of the contribution margin.

The essential cornerstones of different cultures

The sugar beet achieved very good contribution and company profits in recent years within the framework of the cultivation ways laid down by the organisation of the sugar market and were thus often the most successful culture in the operation. The high sugar yield and cultivation of targeted the stronger price fractions (such as contract instead of excess amounts) were key success parameters in addition to the costs. By eliminating the so-called quota and the guaranteed minimum price will be after 2016, the market gain increased relevance of the sugar beet cultivation and agricultural company. A supporting role to the development of the world sugar market and the sugar beet pricing derived. But still it is not ready, the ZMO applies to 2016 last time, the minimum price and also the contract amounts are fixed and can be calculated with these. From today's perspective, it is however more care must be taken to properly plan the area under cultivation, as excess amounts of most likely after a so low price will achieve, that their contributions in the negative area will slip. Therefore a precise plan of cultivation on the basis of last year's average income is the "first commandment", especially because the sugar factories tolerate an underdelivery of the contract amount in the coming year. It is true: the sugar beet is a good growing alternative crops represented. Therefore the individual mounting options should be used, which is to pay attention but from einzelbetrieblichem and also an entrepreneurial interest on it, not to exceed the contract amounts.

Come we to a further successful culture on the fields, the wheat, which provides a "Eyelash-stopping" himself for many years with the rape. The success parameter when the wheat are the yield, the selling price and low costs. The companies that best ruled that, achieved good contributions in recent years. For the amount of the producer price, it plays a role, whether the goods ex. Creator, free crop is marketed at the farm or directly to the processor. Of course, the cost for the three different marketing channels differ so that not only the height of the producer price alone is valued, but ultimately also the costs with regard to the three different marketing channels need to be evaluated differently. The wheat plays an important role in many companies with approximately 50% of the entire crop rotation. As the revenue side can be increased not arbitrary, a load-bearing importance marketing in addition to the costs. A subset of marketing at reasonable times seems worthy of consideration such as short term storage next to the structure until some weeks after the harvest. It is true: after a leaf fruit as a rotation, the wheat is an excellent installation alternative. By the way: It should assess the various qualities of wheat (feed, bread and wheat) differentiated. A deliberate cultivation for a buyer who values the corresponding quality, can be promising, as also the planning shows the A wheat.

Canola is a valuable member of the rotation in the place where he belongs and is largely the same statements as for wheat. It is important that he fits right into the crop rotation and also the growing in the long term is not too tight. To take full advantage of the performance potential of rape a four years is a three-year extension. On many sites, the rape at the rotation point of the sugar beet, potatoes or other root crops occurs because these cultures various reasons can not be grown on the specific site. In particular here, the rape shows its strength, because he brings even a good rotation effect in addition to the own earning power. It is true: in leaf fruit weak rotations of rape in addition to the revenue power as a result of the positive 'side effects' is an excellent installation alternative.

The winter barley is widely appreciated, less however seems at first glance to be profitable. You must clean the profitability difference to wheat but not insignificantly. The barley stands at the start not in the front row, which occupies the wheat after a leaf fruit. The marketing is "stiefmütterlicher". The barley is often first sold and not stored, and also not specifically marketed to finishing farms, where the quality is worth something. The Equalization of the crop and the crop rotation effects - including through a subsequent catch crop cultivation - are not humble advantages. Assessing the factors previously mentioned monetary terms and the income difference to the wheat is not too large, in the individual you should reconsider the role of winter barley. Due to the frequently occurring early summer drought and the low yield differences related to the wheat, as well as the other factors mentioned, is becoming the winter barley in many companies increasingly focus and has a growing potential for cultivation.

Even the silo and grain maize fit depending on the location in the rotation if the individual factors. The profitability expectations are on a similar level as in the previously mentioned cultures, where doing but increasingly so-called "soft factors" included in the evaluation. In plants with biogas and high processing density is impossible to imagine corn and he achieved a further operational benefit over the direct cultural benefits.

Since there's the greening and the agri-environmental measures in the form of diverse cultures the cultivation of beans and fodder peas has become much more interesting. As shown in the cover premiums – and were also in the past - the mentioned crops without the political influence rarely worthy of cultivation, although they had been always an many positive effects. The greening with a catch crop cultivation or other variants of greening in a company is relatively complex and expensive, is the legume cultivation. Greening costs can be attributed to the contribution of legumes margin positive so that the legumes are more economical than many other cultures. In addition, in NRW and some other provinces, legume cultivation is promoted by so-called agri-environmental measures. If the single operation can meet program requirements without great "contortions", the bean through the special promotion can become "Match winner" of the 2016er cultivation. If the beans or the feed peas are better decide the specific location and the existing outlets. By the way: Sales and producer prices will be better, if overall quantities are grown and fed the market.

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