Form butter in demand at Christmas time

Milch News, 12/01/2022

  • Christmas sales
  • Maturing camp young
  • Continuous calls on the sub-markets
  • Uncertainty about inflation and the economy
  • Waiting attitude among buyers
  • Seasonal milk low reached
  • Quiet export business
Education price index skimmed milk powder €/t
publication Germany Netherlands France index modification
12/01/2022 €2,925 €2,970 €3,110 €3,002 €20
11/16/2022 €2,965 2.€970 €3,010 €2,982 €15
11/09/2022 €3,000 €2,980 €2,920 €2,967 -197 €
butter €/t
publication Germany Netherlands France index modification
01.12.2022 €5,990 €5,600 €6,190 €5,927 -193 €
11/16/2022 €5,990 €5,700 €6,670 €6,120 €7
11/09/2022 €6,200 €5,850 €6,290 6.€113 -€217
liquid milk cents/kg
publication Germany Netherlands Denmark Ireland index modification
14.11.2022 58.56 61.25 58.90 64:19 60.73 2.03
10/12/2022 56:19 60.00 58.88 59.73 58.70 1:21

With regional differences, the delivered milk volumes have increased again in the past few days. According to the ZMB, around 0.7% more milk was delivered than in the previous week. This confirms the assumption that the seasonal low has been passed. Compared to the same week last year, the dairies had around 3.4% more milk available. Overall, however, the cumulative milk volume since the beginning of this year was still 0.5% lower. At the Sportmark , the price for raw milk was 55.9 cents per kilogram and is therefore largely stable with a marginal increase of 0.1 cents per kilogram. The course of trade on the butter market is shaped by the pre-Christmas period. A significant increase in consumer demand can be felt, especially in retail, so that manufacturers are reporting extensive calls in the molded butter segment. Compared to the previous year, end users have to dig much deeper into their pockets. The 250 gram packet is currently around 2.29 euros (previous year 1.65 euros). Business is expected to continue to pick up as the Christmas season progresses. As is typical for the season, calls increase until Christmas Eve.In the case of molded butter, on the other hand, the trade is moving in calm waters. Many major customers have stocked up on goods by the end of the year, meaning that only a few new deals are concluded. In addition, buyers are often cautious and speculate on falling prices at the beginning of the year. On the EEX, prices had to digest a slight dampener. The average price was 5,822 euros per ton. The trading volume of 145 contracts was lower than in the previous week (262 contracts). Steady trading continued on the semi-hard cheese market. Demand from the private sector was primarily concentrated in food retailers' inexpensive products and private labels. Although sales had recently dropped slightly, they are still at a higher level than two years ago at the beginning of the Corona crisis. In the catering and industry sectors, manufacturers were satisfied with the orders, which are at a level that is normal for the season. The price pressure on the powder markets continued last week. Skimmed milk powder in both food and feed quality was limited.Buyers concentrated primarily on processing the contracts and were reluctant to conclude new delivery periods. The most recent price setbacks in particular ensure that interest in buying is low and hardly any surcharges can be pushed through. Even with whole milk powder , the situation has hardly changed compared to the previous week. It is mainly produced for contract goods and short-term orders. Price pressure is also exerted by the weak export business. The unfavorable euro exchange rate is slowing demand from third countries. Whey powder has developed inconsistently. While feed goods have found more buyers again, far fewer goods have been requested in the food quality sector. On the EEX, the prices are currently not moving, so that the price is 946 euros per ton.

Form butter in demand at Christmas time
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Little has changed in the fundamentals of the dairy market. The cream side benefits from the pre-Christmas business and that shouldn't change much until the turn of the year. Trading in the other sub-markets is characterized by restraint. Buyers speculate on falling prices. At the same time, the supply is sufficient and puts the market under pressure.

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