2015 worst rape harvest expected for 5 years

IGC: first time decline of global rapeseed harvest 2015 after 5 years

The upcoming crop of rape is by 2015 by the International Grains Council (IGC) to only 68.9 million tonnes (previous year 71 million tonnes) estimated. The harvest reductions in EU, the largest region, with estimated 21.2 Mio.t chiefly responsible for this decrease (previous year 23 million tonnes) and second largest producers of Canada with a result to the 16 million tonnes. The IGC is only of 1.9 million tonnes of rapeseed for the Ukraine. Australia is estimated just under 3 million tonnes.

The sharp decline in the EU concerns in mainly 3 EU countries: Germany's harvest reduction is attributable to the decrease in the acreage. In particular prohibiting use of Neonicotinoids has led to significant damage in the North-Eastern area. Despite multiple seeding, an estimated 6.4% less surface with rape have been ordered. Overall, expect a canola crop to the 5 million tonnes, approximately 19% less than in the previous year for Germany.

Great Britain with a growing decline in was hit hard by 11.6% to only 2.2 million of t estimated harvest results.  

The French seed surface on rape was withdrawn by 1%. The estimated harvest with 5.1 million tonnes is still 6.7% below the result of the previous year.

Canada as the world's largest exporter and second largest producer is in competition between the cultivation of spring wheat and spring rape on rape. Normally, the rape cultivation promises the better return on land, however, if not the summer wheat makes the race in doubt this year. Crucial will be the sowing conditions in spring 2015. One is behind the two figures moving but at record level of 17 million tonnes estimated 16 million tonnes.

In Ukraine there is still considerable concern to what extent rape survived the winter. Will be increased Dewinterizing damage. The Ukraine is an important supplier for the EU import-dependent, because the grown varieties meet the GMO approval.  

The RAPS courses not amounting to the shootare despite the expected small crop outcome. The competition with ample other vegetable oils and oil crushing prevents that canola prices sharply.

For the EU is a very stable growth of the canola price out because of the weak euro exchange rate requires high expenses to bring rape in the country. On the other hand, the reassessment of the environmental safety (ILLUC) will result in that the need for rape for biodiesel production is significantly reduced.

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