African swine fever: 4 cases in the Polish Russian border area in may 2014

New confirmed cases of African swine fever

After in Russia most 15 and may 21, 2014 two cases of African swine fever in feral pigs in the western border in Russia found, were now more 2 finds in Poland close to the Lithuanian border were confirmed. It is also dead boar. The Roman archaeological sites in Poland are almost the same as in January 2014.

This confirms the suspicion that the AFP in the borderland between Poland, Lithuania and Russia in the wild boar has set. The hope that with warmer temperatures the disease risk is reduced, has not been fulfilled.

Continue to receive for Poland remain the restricted areas. For the local pig farmers extends the time of the quarantine.

The new cases are a renewed warning, to avoid all possible ways of transmission and as low as possible to make the risk of infection. great attention is paid to for truck drivers, farmhand, guest hunters and tourists in the affected areas. Should refrain from any kind of food and souvenirs from this area. As far as possible avoid waste sites at the rest stops. Perform at the least suspicion of infection cleaning measures and avoid the proximity or contact with pig.

In contrast to Denmark, Germany is not only closer to the contaminated areas, but with the long and open borders with the help of hygiene and disinfection measures not so rigorously cut off like the Danes of the durchexercieren is.

Stop end of pig farms should make access to the stables for workplace rigorously closely, refresh hygiene sluices and keep faith with the precautionary measures, even if it may be so cumbersome.

The actual and - more importantly - the damage to our image of African swine fever is also unimaginably large for an export-oriented area for years. Export licenses back far away.

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