African swine fever - increased attention required in the coming hunting season

Confirmed since early 2014 about 100 cases of African swine fever in the Baltic States - new cases on Sept. 25, 2014

Originated from the regions of Central and South African the African swine fever. She was deported to Spain and rampant still in Sardinia.

How did the virus to the Black Sea , can not be proven. Anyway, aggregated cases of ASP since 2007 have occurred in southern Russia and the Balkan States.

The Migration north of the virus in the Western Russian territory will be placed alongside the Wildwechsel, also with the relocation of military troops in connection.

Since the beginning of the year 2014 have been identified in the Eastern European countries of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia about 100 cases of African swine fever (ASP) in domestic and feral pigs.  Estonia reported the first case of a wild boar in early September. Great attitudes are cases in Kleinsthaltungen under the pig holdings, so an inventory in Lithuania with around 20,000 animals. Meanwhile, cases have been confirmed in Estonia. Restriction measures to combat in accordance with EU regulations apply in the affected regions.

An introduction into other countries of the European Union cannot be excluded. Vehicles returning from affected regions, as well as products from under-cooked meat (ham, salami, etc) of infected pigs, the virus could be redistributed. Especially the (illegal) feeding of swill this represents a source of infection.

Given the current ASP diseases progress at the EU's borders in particular the hunting community is encouraged to report an increased incidence of carcasses (wild boar) the competent authority or appropriate samples (v. a. blood, lymph nodes, spleen, lungs) to officially clarify.

The ASP Virus is transmitted directly through animal contacts or indirectly for example meat or sausage from infected animals. Under unfavourable conditions the careless disposal of remains of a Wurstbrötchens can sufficient already to carry the plague.

The Ministry of food and Agriculture therefore recommends to avoid such food or to dispose of properly - that is not accessible for wild boar.

 Because the ASP virus capable of extremely long infection remains, it can be further spread also by objects such as tools, footwear or clothing, as well as transport vehicles. Therefore - and hunting travelers - travelers and transporters should behave very carefully and responsibly and observe the hygiene measures.

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