China's imports of beef rise to 15-20% per year

Quadrupling the Chinese beef imports until 2018

The Chinese Government has published a guidance paper for the development of a rising supply of beef in the domestic. Then, production with government support is to be increased up to the year 2020 8 million tonnes - roughly the size of production in the EU. The recent increases in imports of 30,000 t are occasion for the activities in the year 2011 to 550,000 tonnes in 2014.

According to the current state is for the year 2014 Rd . 5.75 million tonnes of domestic production to expect. Up to the year 2012 the production even declined. Chinese beef production was not supported as opposed to pork and poultry meat.

The increases in consumption of beef appear only at the beginning of a development to be. The rising incomes, a growing middle and upper-class demands higher quality meat products. The decline in demand by the dangerous poultry virus H7N9 and production of poultry meat in addition demands replacement.

The goals of the Chinese Government appear however very high. Market circles, the assessment is expressed that the increasing consumption increasing significant parts of increasing imports are covered. The reason is seen in China's large deficit with regard to beef, breeding and feeding techniques and the necessary infrastructure.

Estimates assume that China must consider in the next few years likely to between 15 and 20% increases in import of beef per year into consideration. up to 2018 to be biggest importers of beef were introduced to to 1.7 million tonnes of beef a year the United States and with each rd. 1.1 million t. suppliers are Russia Australia, Brazil and the United States also primarily.

Chinese beef prices have increased fivefold since 2000 due to the high demand overhang. The expected high imports increase will be its impact on increasing export prices in the exporting countries not to miss. The EU as a net importer is can not escape the global price developments in the beef and veal sector.  

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