Cumulative cases of AFP - repeated call for the respect of hygiene measures

10 new outbreaks of African swine fever in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania - Russia will feel themselves with the EU import lock confirmed - hope for vaccine 2017

10 more cases of African swine fever in wild - and get pigs on both sides the EU border with Russia have been confirmed by the official bodies alone In July 2014.

3 wild boar findings were reported in Latvia. When the suspected AFP confirmed 10 of 134 domestic pigs also. All animals were slaughtered and a Sperrbezirk 3 to 7 km drawn. the new cases occurred in regions known to the Belarusian border.

For the first time reported an outbreak on the border of Latvia to Estonia.

On Fri 25 July a new case was announced by AFP with 5 domestic pigs in the familiar territory of Poland on the Belarusian border in Poland.

On the occasion of 2nd starting of the EU to speed up a criminal case against Russia because of the lack of proportionality of the undifferentiated EU import lock for pork before the WTO, the Russian authorities have pointed out the new cases. Russia looks totally confirmed in his assessment that the EU do not have sufficiently reliable evidence about the epidemics in the country. As between the EU Member States held free trade, cannot be excluded, that in this way infected pork on the import paths get to Russia, so the Russian side.

That ultimately are the mutual economic sanctions in the dispute over the Ukraine in the foreground of interests, will be concealed.

Russia neglecting the strict EU measures concerning the delineation of the disease areas of other commercial transactions and the repeated outbreaks of the same Sperrbezirken in the argument. Bilateral negotiations to the relaxation of the import ban to include the Russian initiative with the 14 EU Member States, contrary to the Russian General lock.

Russia itself has to do with increased cases of AFP.Most recently a pig was affected Northwest of Moscow with 18,000 animals, which had to be culled.

Russian veterinarians working hard on a vaccine against the AFP. According to recent reports, there should have been first promising approaches. But will pointed out that a practice ripe usage can be expected before the year 2017. The big problem is that a drug is found, that excludes infection in other animals and Reinfections.

You can repeat it often enough, that in the face of tourist and harvest traffic attention is offered. Food particles are generally carefully disposed of and not just throw it away. You do not know where they ultimately come from.

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