Emergency supply of meat and sausages in the Crimea

Crimea: supply situation comes to a head

The Republic of Crimea changed from the Ukraine after Russia has an estimated potential of self-sufficiency for meat and sausage products by only 40%. The vast remainder was regularly supplied by the Ukrainian mainland.

The new Russian hygiene standards are higher than the Ukrainian. The Russian inspectors have prohibited the continuation of imports of mainland Ukrainian veterinary reasons. Local production complies not Russian. Who fails to comply with the rules, in danger of closure.

For a while you could consume from the stocks. But these are now used. And now, the Ukrainian borders are tight.

The import from the Russian mainland is too expensive because of the increased Russian meat prices. Already some meat processors in the Crimea have suspended their operation. More closures are imminent, financial experts say.

The Russian Government has pledged to close the gap with deliveries and to offset part of the higher prices. In the critical initial phase that has partly also folded, works but always less now but less and less lately. The reason is the shortage of beef and pork itself caused by Russia. So quickly, approximately 500,000 t (from 950,000 tons total) from the EU can be no substitute for imported pork. The Russian imports of beef is more about 1 million metric tons.

but until the contractual arrangements including the critical funding have been resolved, it takes time.

The financial commitments have been according to reliable three times higher than the numbers today called AIDS pages of government officials. The worse is that the acts no longer follow the words.

The supply is estimated to even more critical in the coming months as the previous development has shown. There are 2.35 million people provide.

The land management in the Crimea is dependent on irrigation. The water came from the Ukrainian mainland. Now, the inflows are missing. The crops look correspondingly weak.  

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