EU pork exports 10% - Russia import lock not solely responsible

EU pork exports to third countries fell in the first year of one-third to less than 10%.

The Russian import ban for EU pork for reasons of African swine fever (AFP) in wild boar in Poland has left significant traces of EU exports. The export volumes overall down 2014 in the first year of the third 96.637 t or 10%. However, this decrease of not only the Russian import lock is due to, but there are different, sometimes opposing developments.

The decline in exports is after Russia so far just under 40,000 tonnes and 79%, respectively compared to the same period last year. At the same time, EU exports in the U fell kraine to approximately 10,000 tons or 45%. W eißrussland has reduced imports from the EU to 1,500 t or -33%.

Chinese imports from the EU are withdrawn for reasons sufficient supply to 3% or 6,000 tons.

In the Group of many other importing countries with small market shares, the decrease is approximately 180,000 t or -36%.

But also considerable amounts of increase are the declines. The highest growth reached üdkorea with 100% S or + 63,000 t pork imports from the EU. The high prices of U.S. pork are a decisive reason with.

Not quite so high with + 71% or 40,000 t have EU exports towards the Philippines.

Japan more pork from the EU has taken just under 29,000 tonnes and + 29%. Also may have played a role the high U.S. prices and the PEDv epidemic in the United States.

Hong Kong has taken increasingly about 16,000 tonnes and + 13% from the EU.

Last but not least, Serbia has increased pork imports from the EU to + 41% or approximately 11,000 t.

The EU export decline in pork has many facets, including the Russian import ban is only one of many. In addition to the development of the amounts of weight, even the value of the export goods is crucial with for the price development in the EU. Mostly, less valuable pieces are exported from fresh holding grounds and consumption habits in the importing countries.  

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