Germany's pork shipments to South Korea to 58% getsiegen

European or German pork in South Korea competitive

South Korea's pig fell in the year to 14%. The reason is the PEDv - overwhelming deadly diarrhea in piglets. In recent years, the foot - and -mouth disease has been added. A further decline in pork production is expected for the year 2015. The reconstruction of the sows stocks is only in its infancy.

Falling supply high drove already high pork prices by average of 2.60 per kg slaughter weight on over €4 per kg slaughter weight in the first half of 2014.

Basically, South Korea is dependent on imports of pork . Normally it is 350,000 t or 30% of its own production. The United States and Canada are usually the skin supplier with a share of imports by almost 50%.

But some EU States can exhibit substantial import shares. In recent times, the North Americans because of their own problems with the PEDv competition difficulties have in terms of quantity and price. In particular the high U.S. pork prices in the range of $ 1.80 to over €2 per kg reduce the competitiveness compared to the shipments from Europe. Accordingly, the US sent in the direction of South Korea have fallen.

Despite higher transport costs pork offerings from the EU in South Korea can not only keep up with, but also expand.  This especially Germany with an increase of 58% has cut out in addition to Spain and some other areas of surplus a particularly high proportion of the South Korean import requirements are in the year 2014.

A South Korean import requirements amounting to 450,000 t is estimated for the year 2015 . The United States expect for abating the PEDv disease in their own country again with a "normalization" of US prices to €1.40 / kg. Thus they could match wits again the EU. However, even the cold winter period is imminent in the PEDv plague again could spread. A number of instituted countermeasures are, who can expect a reduced extent of damage.

To what extent European deliveries rising import demand must put back in the year 2015, is still open. In the face of the Russian ban on imports, exports remain strongly desired to South Korea.

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