High meat supplies in the United States

Sustained high meat supplies in the United States: about 20% of 5-year

The United States come with their meat industry from the frying pan into the fire. After the previous beef and pork were particularly scarce and expensive, this year reaching highest meat supplies, not seen in the last 5 years.

Scarce beef is the past 's due to the drought. As of June 30, the inventories are about 30% over the same period last year. A larger number of animals available and higher slaughter weights due to improved feed basis, as well as a price-related damping of demand have helped. A relatively strong dollar makes imports priced in the Schweinefleisch is the ample supply for months to watch.  The disease caused high prices have resulted in a considerable increase in sows – of herds last year. And still the average slaughter weights are around 3 to 5 kg higher than the average of the years. Pork supplies are with collection date 30 June 2015 to 18% over the previous year. Bacon accumulates up to 47% higher at 43 as 2014. An accumulation of such exceeds the usual seasonal increase in for the barbecue - season. It is hoped that the grill-seasonal demand will keep even longer. At high temperatures, the slaughter weights go back experience in the summer.

Poultry meat accumulates on stock levels, depending on the site up to 5 times the previous year's amount. Increasing poultry stocks for the previous year are fundamental cause.  The bird flu epidemic in the early summer months has although resulted in reduced numbers of battle turkeys and laying hens, not with chicken -. But a variety of poultry meat importing countries has made sealing the limits of U.S. origin for fear of infection and transmission.

Strangely, chicken stocks in very few cases have been affected. There is the presumption that the animals are too young for an infection. In the southeast of the United States, the focus in chicken meat production, which has been spared so far from the poultry virus. Still autumn will represent a critical phase with the return of migratory birds to the South.

The above average high meat stocks 2015 are a preload for the second half of the year. The high summer demand runs out, but the pig slaughter remain high. That is forcing to increasing exports on the world market, but with the problem of a strong U.S. dollar, which makes U.S. goods less competitive. Therefore, U.S. hog prices are further under strong price pressure.

As the largest exporter of pork will be the EU affected

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