Less Danish piglets for Germany - Poland needs more imports of piglets

Danish pig exports rise by less - distribution changed significantly

At irregular intervals the Danish pig exports are broken down by countries of destination. In the present case there are data for the first quarter of the year 2012 to 2014.

The total number of Danish pig exports continue to rise, but the growth rates of previous years are by far not reach. The increases move now between 5% and 6%, while they moved to 5-7 years ago in the double-digit range.

In particular the distribution of piglet supplies on the countries of destination has changed. Germany is and remains although the main sales area containing between 60 and 70%, but the quantities are relative and absolutely small. The 1.Quartal 2014 reaches just a share of 59%. While still 2012 in the 1st quarter, 1.7 million pigs were transported to Germany, there are beginning 2014 only 1.5 million animals.

Danish piglets in Polish pole barns find themselves increasingly. By 410,000 units in 2012, the export towards rose to 791.000, almost a doubling. Major cause of this restructuring is the Polish sow inventory decreased to more than 40% since accession to the EU in 2004. Too small and little competitive inventory size structures are the crucial starting point of this change. Recently, the African swine fever caused a further boost to the task of the pig with a focus on sow housing in Poland.

Danish pig deliveries are not without problems for Poland. Denmark has a high health status recognised for decades, which could be jeopardized by the swine flu in Poland to a large extent. Therefore, all transport vehicles at the Danish border are passed through a hygiene station and cattle may hit back Danish Piggeries after 48 hour quarantine period. Denmark with a degree of self-sufficiency of 650% is well aware the existential meaning of its dependency on exports and is consistently.

The massive reduction in the Italian sow housing has obviously led over the last 3 years a compensation in the form of pig imports from Denmark. The numbers are far smaller, but the development is impressive. 2012 it were still 81,000 animals, the way from Denmark to Italy found have early 2014 are already 125,000 pigs.

Surprising way is there a rain Ferkeltransport of Denmark in the Netherlands, the itself but a million-pig export times operate. The shipments from Denmark have grown in the last 3 years from 43,000 to 74,000 copies. There must be probably certain preferences for the Danish origin.

The other importing countries have halved their pig imports from Denmark.

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