May pig counting: more pigs in Germany

Pig in Germany increased - even sow inventory grows again

+ 1.4% the pig in Germany compared the two are increased by 2014 to 2013 Mai cattle counting results. Compared to the Nov - counting 2013 an insignificant decrease of 0.2 is %.

The German sow stock 2014 reopened to 2013% compared to may and Nov counting for the first time after years of exclusive decline to + 0.77.

In federal countries, the results have fallen differently.

Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania recorded the strongest slump in the fattening and breeding flocks with a decline of - 9.6% and - 8.5% in the sows. the reduction of animal numbers in this field is closely linked to the operational branch tasks that failed on a similar scale.

Stock decline of - 2.6% for pigs a total or - 3.6% for sows Rhineland-Palatinate is 2. in reducing the pig farms in Germany. There is a close link with the task of pig farming in this region.

The conditions in Hesse are similar. The pig shrinks to - 1.6% and bypasses the sow housing - 2.4%. The operations branch tasks are but twice the size down, which means that increases in the remaining companies started contributing to the inventory reduction.

That % and reducing the numbers of sows to - 2.1% mutatis mutandis also applies to Baden-Württemberg with a decline in the pig a total to 0.8.

Negative sign on a smaller scale can be observed also for Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Brandenburg.

A positive development of stock to a modest extent of 0.5% and 0.6% respectively was determined in two large countries of North Rhine-Westphalia and NS. It falls particularly Lower Saxony sow housing with a growth of + 4.5% in the eye. The stocks of sows in North Rhine-Westphalia rose by only around 0.5%. both countries together hold nearly 60% of the pigs in Germany in the sows are 10% less. The explanation of the differences is quickly found by the pig imports from the Netherlands and Denmark.

An unusual development takes the sow housing in Saxony, Germany. Falling number of persistent pig farms get the sows stocks + 5.6%. The same applies for Saxony-Anhalt. Decline in rising sows holder of - 7.2% the sows stock to + 1.6%. restructuring of smaller stocks are associated with increases in specialized establishments. Despite many surface features, the pig has not the first priority.

This confirms the many years of observation, that the pig farms in the areas of concentration still easily increasing, while in the rest of the world barely increases are observed. This applies particularly to the Southwest German space shrinks in the pig year after year.

The recovery of the sow housing is a consistent response to become better economic efficiency of pig production as a result of high performance standards in at the same time prices of piglets in recent years.   

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