New cases of AFP in North Eastern Europe

First September half at least 5 new cases of AFP

The African swine fever has set in the border regions of the Baltic States and Poland to Russia. Alone in the Sept 2014, 5 new cases of infected wild boar are found and confirmed in the recent period.  Attacks on the House pig To find occasionally in the so-called backyard attitudes Instead of. In addition, larger stable units with more than 15,000 animals have been affected.

Belarus reported no swine fever cases for political reasons. The accumulation around the compelling conclusion however, permit to the borders of this country, that is to be expected in this area with the African swine fever, without being publicly known.

The EU Commission in Brussels pulls out all the stops, to get the problem in these areas in the handle. The Veterinary Administration is supported in the countries affected by any means. Supplying the population with meat from other regions is organized systematically. The affected farmers also receive reconstruction aid after lifting the lockout time.

In Germany reinforced measures at country level to run to prepare an eventuality. The veterinary administrations design sketches and do plan exercises. At the same time, the vets addressed more to raise for the observation of animal stocks and their environment. The keepers are pointed out the relevant precautionary measures.

The efforts of the German authorities take a comparatively modest compared to Denmark . At the Danish borders incoming trucks be disinfected from the East in principle, before they can continue their journey in Denmark. Animal transporter may only hit back Danish Piggeries after a 48-hour period of quarantine. The drivers may not enter the site and replaced with stable-associated personnel. 

Germany faces with its borders open to all sides in this regard a hardly solvable task.

Denmark has a degree of self-sufficiency in pigs by 650%. That speaks for itself; because a single case would be enough to block the country for at least 1 year for exports. You can too often set the Appel to all a disaster not only for agriculture, but for the entire Danish economy, not to relax the precautionary measures . This is true especially with the entrance in the colder season in which hygiene are weakened in their effect.

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