PEDv in the United States declines, but - remains U.S. pork prices on the high price level

Fewer new PEDv cases in the United States - first vaccine developed.

The Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) or fatal diarrhea disease in piglets has decreased as expected significantly in the warmer season. More efficient disinfection measures and much more precautionary contributed significantly. But always still 70 to 80 new cases per week in the United States are reported. The fear remains that the disinfection measures in particular in the transport vehicles will develop lower effectiveness with the colder season.

In this situation, a drug currently on the market come is Very much welcome. While the carrying sows with the killed virus will be vaccinated twice so that the mother animals develop antibodies. These antibodies will then be passed with the colostrum in the newborn piglet and cause an immunity.

The procedure is basically not new, but it still all articles missing Geocoordinate data, whether and to what extent an sufficient effect achieved in this case. Experiences with similar diarrhea diseases such as E.g. TGE show only a degree of efficiency by 40%.

Gefährdetee companies will however at every straw and apply the funds.

The PEDv caused loss of piglets in the size of the additional 15%. The now nationwide spread in the United States has taken place since April 2013 in seuchenhafter form with a first climax in the Feb/March 2014 at temperatures up to-25 degrees. The virus originated in China, is now widespread in the North and Central American and Asian area. The virus has penetrated to Europe Not yet.

The most common transmission route via the saliva contact, infected feces and urine or other impurities. Also through infected feed a dissemination should be been promoted. Critical interface is the transport of piglets and sows between the individual stalls with insufficient disinfected vehicles or drive ways.

The US Schweinefleisch industry has managed to depress the production loss in the meat to 5% with the boost of slaughter weights more than 5 kg per pig.

However, have achieved the US pig quotes top prizes to over € 2 per kg in August . End of August gave the courses again to €1.60, but at the beginning of September the forward rates upwards once again clearly. Typically, the U.S. hog prices fall with the transition from summer to autumn/winter.

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