Pig prices from the valley floor?

Such as the hopes of rising hog prices are entitled?

Several information caused excitement in the ranks of the pig fatteners:

  • The euro exchange rate with a crash on almost $1.10 per € pork from the euro-zone countries makes worldwide significantly more competitive.
  • Russia reportedly makes the boundaries for French, Italian, Danish and Dutch pork imports.
  • The reservations on pigs on the occasion of the determination of the V price 4-5 KW signaled with 231.100 animals significantly less than in the anti-Government.
  • The ISN auction brought on Fri, Jan. 23, 2015 plus from 7 ct to €1.38 / kg.

In the first comments, the expectations were over. You can see possible price increases in the next few weeks at + 10 to + 15 ct / kg.

The closer look you should see but critical works.

  • A euro decline within a week will not immediately in sales to be implemented, because it still contractual agreements from the past to be observed and new contractual arrangements must be found. In addition, the logistics must be organized. Great price-effective markets are not to be found in the surrounding area, but you will need to look in East Asian regions such as Japan, China, Hong Kong South Korea, Philippines, etc. There are even North Americans (United States and Canada) in the business. In addition, hardly worth carrying fresh produce is traded in the international business. Fast trade movements in this country taking place in the manageable small spot market. After all!
  • Contact talks at a lower level between the EU and Russia have taken place during the green week in Berlin. On the basis of animal-related regulations of beg. Feb. 2014 as a result of the findings of African swine fever in Poland it has discussed ways the part of authorisation of imports. This involves primarily Lebendtiereinfuhren (livestock), offal such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc., as well as certain parts of bacon.

The Russian import barriers on the occasion of the countermeasures to the Western economic sanctions in terms of Ukraine conflict were expressly not subject to the discussions. This import ban catalog (the most important) remains for the time being until 8 August 2015.

So far that has Russian page no official statement submitted. In particular the Russian veterinary supervision must examine only the delivery locations, before she granted an import licence. This can take.

Given the economic and income difficulties, as well as the halving of the purchasing power of the Rube, l is not to be expected, that in large quantities back pork to Russia flows down. It is anyway not worth supporting-part pieces, but less expensive cuts the usual equivalent of €1.45 / kg.

  • On the ISN auction Fri, Jan 23, 2015 only 1,540 animals were offered. Usually are there 2,000 to 2,500 pigs in the offer. However, was on the reservations by 231.100 pigs on the occasion of the V listing anticipated, that the Lebendangebot would be smaller in the next week. In the past few weeks, the reservations were always significantly over 240,000 animals.

The course of the next few weeks will show how sustainable the pork market on supply and demand side will develop.

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