Ratio of Ferkel-to the pig prices

Pig - pig prices are and the lot?

A particular relationship between pig and piglet prices. This relation is however not constant, but fluctuates typical, which sometimes recur with some regularity. In addition, there are influences that fundamentally alter the ratio of Ferkel-to the pork prices in the medium-term periods.

Such a fundamental shift in the ratio of piglets to pig prices took place in the time of the changeover to the Danzucht with significant performance increases within a few years. At the same time, the strong export activity, the Dutch and Danes began with increases the import figures up to 1 million pigs per year after Germany. In this phase, the piglet prices were measured in pig prices far below the long-term average. The consequences were massive the stagnation of the sow housing in Germany and the EU, initially without impact on piglet prices.

In the same period was mainly in Germany significantly in the investment construction of pole barns. Alternately high feed costs could be passed given the glut of piglets on low pig prices. The relative efficiency of the mast to the piglet production encouraged this investment behavior in the recent period.

Expiry of the productivity adjustment pressure in the sow housing decreased while, but the EU attitude regulation resulted in a further reduction of the sows stocks. In particular small pig production holdings gave up.

The increase of imports of piglets from NL and DK deteriorated significantly in recent years, so that the piglets offer also from this site was always less urgent.  

At the latest was apparently that the sows inventory reductions have become less productivity progress measured have resulted in a relative scarcity of piglets on the mast center capacities with the year 2012 . After 2012, the piglet prices have fallen barely below the mark of €40 per 25 kg animal. In the past, there were prices well below the €30 - brand in bad times. The market situation has changed in favor of the relatively scarce piglets.

In the course of the year, there is a typical character of the season. Piglets are plentiful and cheap in the spring months offer due scarce and expensive, and in the autumn months. Formerly ran these developments in big fluctuation. Recently, the movements are clearly flat. While earlier the seasonal fluctuations were largely determined by the supply side, they are shaped mostly by demand-side recently.

High pork prices in the autumn of 2013 up to €1,90 / kg the usual autumn price depression in the piglets to a considerable extent, but not entirely stopped. The ratio of Ferkel-to pig prices fell in the autumn of 2013 under the multi-annual average. The similar game was observed in the spring of 2014 . As a result of the Russian import lock below €1.45 / kg falling pork prices prevented and delayed the normal spring high in the piglets. However, the ratio was Ferkel-to pig prices just above the average of the multiannual mean values.

The current quotation for piglets from €49 per 25 kg and pork prices to €1.63 / kg pig lead to a price below the multi-annual average. This can be the beginning of a relative autumnal piglet price lows.

Piglets - and pig prices move in a narrower than traditional frame.  The fundamental market mechanisms are preserved.

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