Results of pig counting Nov 2014:

Preliminary results of the pig count from Nov. 3, 2014

The number of pigs in Germany is Approximately 28.2 million sharesafter the preliminary evaluations of the Nov. 14 count. These stocks no longer collected less than 10 sows, or less than 50 fattening pigs. Compared to the previous year date is the number of the captured pigs + increased by 0.55%.

Overall, 26,800 pig farmers in the evaluation were taken into account. It refers to the captured pigs on the holder numbers is a calculated average population of 1,055 animals per unit.

The number of breeding pigs has reduced compared to the previous year to 0.45% or rd 10,000 animals. Thus has the inventory reduction compared to previous years, with acceptance rates of - 2% until - 3.35% slows down significantly. The piglet prices of last year could be used as explanation cause.

The number of fattening pigs above the 50 kg category of weight live weight is compared to - 0.3% less failed. The comparison to the counting month may 2014, however, results in an increase of 2.6%. Until end of December 2014, more than half are already landed thereof at the slaughterhouse. The high numbers of battle reported from there confirm again increasing reliability of the stock count results.

The number of piglets and young pigs to under 50 kg live weight has risen compared to the same month last year to + 1.07% . However the pig numbers are up to 20 kg -1.7% decline, while the young pigs from 20 to 50 kg to + 5.2% higher to fail. Subordinated to an average weight to this group of 35 kg and daily increases of 750 g will reach focuses on their slaughter these animals during the period from Jan of end of to March 2015 into. This means a considerable volume of battle again.  For the subsequent period from April 2015, the lower number of piglets should contribute to the discharge of the slaughter.

The number of pregnant sows has changed only marginally from the previous year, but decreased compared to May 14-count to - 1.7%. The Group of the first approved gilts lower failed even to - 2.9%; This reduction is greater than the seasonally usual measure for an autumn date. However, the young sows proportion of the total number of sows is only about 12%. Far-reaching conclusions for the future volume of piglets should not be learned. The influence of pig imports is to classify several times higher.

The provisional livestock census results suggest no fundamental changes in the Habitat in the pigs. In the spring months of 2015 to keep higher slaughter numbers in perspective.

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