United States: Eggs and Turkey Breast prices rose 170 to 30%

Poultry virus H5N2 in US stocks: around 40 million animals killed

The poultry virus H5N2 in the form of an epidemic has spread along the Vogelfluglinie of missisippi in the North. By Jan 23 May 2015, approximately 40 million animals were killed.

Most of it accounted for by 34 million laying hens chicks. Around 6 million turkeys have fallen victim so far the virus.  So far chicken farms were affected hardly deep. This is mainly because that the focus of production in the southeastern part of the United States is located.

The States of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsinare especially hard hit. A few cases of poultry virus have been found in California.

The laying hen stock with date is May 1, 2015 - shrunk 2.7% compared to the previous year. The missing supply of young hens will be only more noticeable over the next few months.  

In anticipation of the coming supply shortages which have egg prices already almost doubled. Liquid egg for processing purposes is already increased by 178%.

It comes to contrasting developments in the poultry meat sector. Occurred in the case of the scarcer supply of Turkey Breast is already a price increase by 21% .

Chicken meat is the opposite to watch. As the chicks and broiler meat does not take care of a number of countries out of fear of disease transfer, creates an excess. The export share is quite remarkable with almost 20%.

Alone prices for chicken drumsticks with a high share of exports have fallen compared to 41%.

Cheap chicken meat will make to create the pig prices given the cold storage inventories pent up still this summer.

Engage the previous figures decay of contagions in the further course of the summer expect. Great fears exist but for the summer and fall, when the flight of birds again towards the South. Then, the chicken fattening sites could be affected.

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