United States pig recovers slowly

US pig count after the plague of PEDv uphill it again slowly

Number of pigs in the United States has risen along with the date 1 Sept 6 per cent compared with the month of the last livestock census in June 2014. However, comparing the figures at the same time Sept. 1, 2013, lie the herds are still around - 2% back. The distance is still full to the pinnacle in the years 2012 without compromising the PEDv disease -4%.

The breeding sow inventory is still restraint in the recovery of the full breeding capacity by 2% compared with the last year, obviously is but only to 1% to the previous census in June 2014th. Finally the PEDv plague is still not been overcome, the number of outbreaks fell to one-third, when 2014 measured by the peak in the Feb.. But the number of new outbreaks is approximately at the same level as in the previous year.

The herds of battle of were designated with + 7% compared to the last census in June 14 surprisingly high. This can indicate that the number of dead piglets has been not quite as high, as the estimates suggest. It is also conceivable that the daily increases in the pigs as a result of the disease suffered.

The slaughter pig plausible 3% increased compared to the previous time.

For the assessment of further development, the number of Abferkelungen by September 2014 until Feb. 2015 shows an encouraging increase of + 4%. The numbers of pregnant sows in different States of pregnancy are basis for the evaluation.

However, there are reservations to login. The upcoming cold season the spread of the disease could again push forward, so that higher piglet losses must be expected.

Stock prices have moved back again in the front delivery months of this year after a recent decline to the original level of annualized €1.80 per kg. However, the rear dates from Feb 2015 show a lower level of around €1.55 per kg at weak downward trends.

Obviously, the increasing numbers of pigs have triggered no greater concern for fundamental changes of course. A standoffish critical restraint compared to the actual history of pork production predominates. However you should take into account the end of the week, because the publication of the results of the count came in the last hours of the stock exchange on Friday afternoon. As you know, critical positions are No more entered over the weekend. The Next week may bring more movement.

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