US pig farms with high profits

US pig farmers currently highest profit for decades

The U.S. pig farming is in a fortunate position. On the sales page , (overwhelming deadly diarrhea in piglets) and the scarcity of beef through the PEDv failures are far to achieve above-average prices .  Meat prices have reached an unprecedented level for the barbecue season in scarce supply. At the top were the courses for pork significantly above the €2 / kg brand.

Despite the high prices, the demand has declined only slightly. Especially the pork exports have not eased despite high prices and stiff competition from the EU. The exports in direction of Mexico, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries reached partly considerable growth rates compared to the previous year. This is important, because the United States is at the top of the world for the pork trade.

In the first half of 2014 could cost Not yet by the falling prices of animal feed will benefit the US pig farmers. This will be but 2014 clearly noticeable in the 2nd half of the year.  Future 30-40% relieve price declines in corn and soybean feed costs. However, the forward rates for the autumn and winter months viewing falling pork prices, but still well above the long-term average.

The pig in the United States is mainly characterized by the closed system. In addition are contractually secured piglet rearing and wage fattening farms. So-called baby piglets are traded with about 5 kg. Rearing piglets are fed between 18 and 22 kg and then come into the fattening stalls. End mast weights are usually about 90 kg. However the battle weights have failed this year because of the failure of piglets abruptly around 5 to 7 kg higher, to between 7% and 15% partly to compensate for the lower numbers of battle through a higher carcass weight.   

For the first half of the year 2014, the IOWA University calculated profits on full cost of 16 to €55 per pig, which are to be regarded as pure company profits. Labour and capital costs are already fully covered in the full cost. 

In the top Sales for a standardized 91 kg carcass weight pig (at 74.5% cannibalizing, other cuts) were at €203 per animal. Fattening pigs with 22.68 kg cost at the same time approximately €90 per piece. The feed costs are estimated at €58 / pork . Fixed costs for labour, capital and other converted to €16.70 per pig.

The investment behavior Very much reservedis despite high profits. The highlight of PEDv disease is though overcome, but fears a back surge during the cold season are big and scare off investors. A first drug is in the testing stage, with limited prospects of success.  There is also still need to catch up to compensate for losses from the previous years.

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