U.S. pork exports in the first half of 2014 considerably increased - Russia import lock hardly plays a role

Rising US pork exports Jan. Jul. 2014

Despite declining domestic production due to the plague of PEDv U.S. pork exports have risen.  The world's largest exporter managed an increase from Jan to Jul 2014 to + 7.1% relate to the amount and order + 17.7% based on the value of the exported quantity.

Quantitatively largest customer was the neighboring Mexico, which is affected also by the PEDv disease. The Mexicans was also willing to spend about 45% more, to get to the meat imports up.

Japanis traditionally strong sales area for US pork. There, mainly higher-quality parts flow, so that the Japanese portion while smaller falls out, but significantly larger fall in the value of exports.

Rd to the Great Lakes region is a lively exchange of pork between Canada and the United States . Almost the same amount that export to the United States, flows in any other way on back.

The American Russia - export was in the year 2013 to zero. The background was the Russian import lock because of the use of the growth promoter Ractopamine, which is not allowed in Russia. With a contractual regulation at the beginning of the year 2014 the United States have resumed deliveries on a small scale. The United States given the low percentage of export have little touched the youngest Russian blocking as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Enormous growth rates reached the United States in sales with more than 50% in South Korea. The Asian country has problems with the foot - and -mouth disease and supplemented its needs by increasing imports. The EU-28 also benefited.

US pork exports to China/Hong Kong go on the back burner. The background is the cyclic-related highlight Chinese pork production in the first half of 2014th buying China In addition little valuable pieces of pork so that the export value in narrow frame remains.

Small US supplies of pork go in other 13 countries with a focus in the Central American region.

The United States hope for the second half of the year with further increases of in exports. The Russian search for substitute imports rips may here and there gaps that can serve the United States. The persistently high input prices and the rising dollar rate expectations dampen but...

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