Weak Schweinefleischabstz blocks prices

(AMI) The relatively small amount of pigs in heat-related decline battle weights is sufficient to meet the weak demand for the abattoirs. On the special situation in France dominate mostly unmodified pig prices. As a problem, high inventories of loss are called in the export-oriented countries, which must flow out in the third country, otherwise the pig prices in the EU strongly advised under pressure.

Nationwide protest and blockade actions by farmers in France resulted in a complex market situation. At the urging of two leading food chain the pork prices have been increased peu à peu in the past few weeks. This higher price demands are feasible but not always in the market, so there are companies that de Porc Breton differ from the official guide listing in March.

Due to the heat the slaughter weights in Belgium have fallen in the past five weeks to 2.5 kg. This trend continues in the current week. The supply of pigs has decreased significantly, but the meat market there is no here, to generate higher pork prices. In Belgium, the main holiday season lasts until August 15, as far as no significant demand expected. One bright spot: the exchange rate of EUR to PLN in Poland has changed in favour of EU exporters.

Autumn high freezing stocks must have taught noticeably is on pork in Spain , otherwise threatening a dramatic price slump. A small volume of weaned animals during a weak demand and falling weights makes realistic unmodified pig prices.

A paradoxical market situation is reported from Italy . Although the supply of pigs is relatively small, abattoirs will exert pressure on the pig prices. Some abattoirs deviate from the standard of unmodified pig prices and pay less than in the previous week. However, the ham prices in Italy rose slightly.

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