Stable developments on the potato market

Kartoffeln News, 03/22/2024

  • Crop losses processing market
  • high demand for telecommunications
  • Export demand for food products
  • Delay early potato sowing
  • Imported potatoes are delivered
  • still sufficient supplies
  • higher harvest in Germany compared to expectations
International quotations €/dt
country Quotation variety previous week Current the change
Netherlands PotatoNL Cat. 1 35.00-40.00 30-40.00 -2.50
Belgium Belgapom Fountain 35.00 35.00 0.00
France RNM Fountain 35.00 35.00 0.00
Germany Reka Innovator 39.00 39.00 0.00

New figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that the potato harvest in Germany was slightly higher overall than previously assumed. The 2023 harvest is given as 11.60 million tons. This exceeds the previous year's result of 10.68 million tons. According to the figures, the cultivated area was slightly larger than in 2022, and on average more tonnage per hectare was harvested than in the previous year. The market for table potatoes appears balanced shortly before Easter. Producers are still able to deliver, supra-regional shipments are ongoing, as is steady demand from food retailers. They are also satisfied with the export demand from Eastern Europe, although not every request is met in order to secure their own market supply. Egyptian tubers are already present in food retail. A good harvest is also expected for Spain and Israel, which should arrive in these markets soon. The demand for short-term deliveries on the processing market has decreased. The processors in Germany are still looking for later dates and sometimes ask for plenty of goods. The market situation on the Belgian market remained unchanged and the prices therefore remained unchanged. Here too, the factories are interested in free goods, but primarily for later dates. Stable developments can also be seen in France. The processing volumes here have increased significantly compared to February 2022. Factories in France are currently primarily trying to deliver contract goods earlier so as not to further inflame prices on the free market. With low volumes, the April 24 contract on the EEX in Leipzig is trending weaker today.

Stable developments on the potato market
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The market is balanced before Easter. This is evident both in food products and in the processing sector. Prices are trending stable, and there is no room for further significant price increases in sight.

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