Price quotation for 50 tons of fodder corn (ex silo in Bayonne, France). Prices in Euro per ton.
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Contr. Last +/- Settlement Preday settlement Bid price Ask price High Low Time Vol. OI
Nov19 Show Chart 163,75 -0,50 (-0,31%) 163,50 164,00 164,25 162,50 18:31 699 10 592
Jan20 Show Chart 168,75 -0,50 (-0,30%) 168,75 169,25 169,00 167,75 18:31 215 3 793
Mar20 Show Chart 171,50 -0,25 (-0,15%) 171,50 171,75 172,00 170,75 18:31 223 4 142
Jun20 Show Chart 176,00 175,75 175,75 176,00 175,00 18:31 18 1 146
Aug20 Show Chart 178,25 -0,50 (-0,28%) 178,25 178,75 179,75 178,25 18:31 18 233
Nov20 Show Chart -0,50 (-0,28%) 178,25 178,75 18:31 30
Jan20 Show Chart 194,25 18:31
Mar21 Show Chart 201,75 18:31
Jun21 Show Chart 205,25 18:31
Aug21 Show Chart 214,75 18:31

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The tick size for Matif corn is € 0.25 per ton (total contract: € 12.50). The delivery months are January, March, June, August, November, etc. so that there are always 10 contracts traded. The last trading day is the fifth day of the delivery month until 18:30. (If not a trading day shall be the subsequent trading day) The standard quality specifications are as follows (can be more):

Moisture content: 9%, broken grain percentage: 2%, sprouted: 2.5%, cereal adjuncts: 4%, other impurities: 1%, Fracture grain, cereal adjuncts and other impurities together should not be more than 12%. Mycotixine not exceed the maximum amount of EU legislation provisions for unprocessed cereal products intended for use as food. It does not contain any genetically modified maize.

MATIF (Marché à Terme International de France) is a former futures exchange in France. It was merged with the merger of the Paris Bourse with Euronext NV to Euronext Paris, which belongs to the exchange operator Euro Next.

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